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Halafi Mengedi
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Why TMH activists do not advocate for more Tigrayan youths to be trained and armed, all men of Tigray should be fighters

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 12 Jan 2021, 13:10

TMH think differently and do differently for different result than the failed usual talks and the same people advocating the same talking points brought total disasters. You can reach to Tigray youths and all men of Tigray and push Mengisti Tigray to correct their mistakes not arming all Tigrayans throughout Tigray and set up for looting and killing Tigrayans by the Dish washers for the Eritreans Hamassien starved soldiers. Your program should dedicate for mistakes done by our worthless leaders and tell them or your guest tell them what should be done to rectify mistakes done in the past. Your question to guests should be most critical thing what should be done and how do we correct mistakes done by the Diqalu leaders for the last 20 years and who should lead Tigray and how should be corrected.

Tigray must arm all men of Tigray and focus to one direction Hamassien soldiers and Tigray must march to Hamassien and clean them and once you control that part then the world will pour all kind of aid and help both people north and south and you can finish Ethiopia any time you want so long the north problem is being solved. Now the most critical thing is to kill all Hamassien doldiers in Tigay and move in to Eritrean since there is no border and there is no sovereignty nation after Eritrea crossed a sovereign country and killing and looting home to home has been done by Hamassien soldiers.

TDF should not hold any prisoner of war, no time, no manpower to keep them and no food to feed them, just kill them specially the Hamassien soldiers. No Hamassien roaming in Tigray moving forward unless he or she is a fighter against the Bologna maids. Tigray lets stop this wishy washy cowardness talk the way we used to do for the last 50 years under the Diqalu Meles and Sebhat leadership, be the old Tigrayans not the new generation of Tigrayans the servant of Diqalu worthless Tigrayans.

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Re: Why TMH activists do not advocate for more Tigrayan youths to be trained and armed, all men of Tigray should be figh

Post by TembienLiberation » 12 Jan 2021, 13:17

Halafi Mengedi wrote:
12 Jan 2021, 13:10
This is what we did to Tigrai men.... they can NO more STAND and WALK LIKE A MAN, sorry, but click and watch what Amhara Fano and Eritrean did to Tigres in mutual cooperation :cry:

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