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Meshrefet put Somali & Afar at war, & more Amharu are dying in Benishangul since the day Meshrefet declared iron fist.

Post by abel qael » 12 Jan 2021, 12:10

3 months ago Demekech declared, "from now no Amara or Agew will be killed in Benishangul as we will arm them", but since then Amharu got killed more than the last 10 years. It is shocking!
Amharu who live in Welega are also saying "the Oromo Police, Militia and Liyu are killing us, not OLF per se". They also say OLF is not able to do anything against Amhara if these OPDO forces do not help it. They added OLF is not that much feared or capable of fighting, it is the Oromo militia and police who scare OLF and, without them, OLF could not have killed Amharu.
I do not know how OLF will take this insult to its dignity. I think Amharu are worsening their situation by using such divisive tactic of Oromo forces-- much like what Meshrefet and qomiches do hoping to downplay OLF's significance.

Moreover, Meshrefet is letting the Ethiopian refugees in Saudi to perish becoz he thinks they are all Tigreans, but the refugees themselves say "it is bu'll s'hit and not true at all", one of them said, adding "there are not even more than 20 Tigreans in any huge mass of Ethiopian refugees like his big crowd here".

Meanwhile war is raging between Somalis & Afars.

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