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ዓጋመ ጉዶም ክቃላዕ ከሎ!

Post by wegri » 30 Dec 2020, 07:17

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Re: ዓጋመ ጉዶም ክቃላዕ ከሎ!

Post by Fiyameta » 30 Dec 2020, 08:51

When the Eritrean government announced the establishment of the SAWA Defense Training Center in 1994, the idea was met with harsh criticism from well-meaning Eritreans wary of militarism. From 1991 until referendum was conducted in 1993, during the 2 years of back and forth discussions with world powers regarding the fate of both Ethiopia and Eritrea, the EPLF discovered that the inferior, back-stabbing agame were already deep in the back pockets of world powers, and that their invasion against Eritrea was inevitable.

For one thing, the agame were not content with having secured total monopoly over Ethiopia's political, economic, military and social spheres, for they never earned such privilege that was simply awarded to them by virtue of being a better organized rebel group compared to others. In the back of their agame minds, however, there existed an evil plot that sought to curve out their Abay Tigray Republic dream at the expense of both Eritrean and Amhara people. To this end, they expelled hundreds of thousands of people, stole billions of dollars worth of properties, killed scores of civilians, exterminated 2.5 million Amhara, and lied like there was no tomorrow. They also dedicated Ethiopia's entire human and material resources to chase after their evil dream that was obliterated during their futile invasion attempts against a fiercely-defended Eritrea.

Agame are the first people in world's history who occupied the highest office in a country, yet acted like the opposition group of a neighboring country. The agame Meles Zenawi, for example, saw himself as a leader of the Diaspora-based Eritrean opposition groups and, for him, the premiership was nothing more than a vehicle to help him reach his final destination as stated on his TPLF's manifesto: The Abay Tigray Republic dream. Unfortunately for him, though, hell became his final destination, where he rightfully belongs.
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