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Sophomoric ormo politicians

Post by TGAA » 21 Jan 2020, 22:00

The majority of Oromo politicians are full of political contradictions. They argue that Ethiopia has never been democratic, never had a true federal government. They say individual rights never been respected in previous governments etc. Then they make a political statement regarding how Ethiopia should go forward in the most absurd ways possible. All the solution they propose to resolve is very dictatorial. They argue that every region has to administer by its own elected officials. That changes immediately when the issue is Addis Ababa 700000 residence. Or the issue is Adama (Nazrit) Harar , or Diredawa all the democratic principle go out of the window. Do they have any chance of winning in those areas democratically no. What made them unelectable is not because they are Oromo political organization, but because of their use of politics to intimidate the people they want to get theme elected. Of all people Ayatola Jawar mhomod is the one who is turning the supposedly old politicians like Bekele gerba and recently, the old moderate turned radical merara gudian a laughing stock . It looks like they are campaigning for the opposition group. Jawar wiggles his finger on Addis residences of 700000 that elections have consequences, and tumping his chest that if the addis ababians chose their representatives that he doesn’t approve of that would make his work easier – he continued that he going to tell his genocidal keeros to go and fish the job, as simple at that. “ትልቁ ዳቦ ሊጥ ሆነ” Bekele gerba with straight face declared Addis Ababa residents don’t have right to elect their representatives. Merara gudian made another funny statements “ he said that he told the gefersa area farmers “ please don’t stop the water coming to Addis Ababa because he lives in addis and that “ he needs to drink “ although funny – he is trying to intimidate as if the water is coming from another country he is warning that the water will get cut off if the marching orders from him and he's like is not followed through. These sophomoric politicians they don’t have a clue about the ABC of political campaign. Democratic election and intimidation they don’t go together. Look these hodgepodges politician calculus is that hate is going to pay off, but when they found out that it is a political death sentence -- they going to cry that the election is rigged and create a crisis. Even with that they are going to fail.