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Re: Abiy Ahimed says may repeat red terror "because some want it"

Post by sun » 13 Jan 2020, 16:07

sun wrote:
13 Jan 2020, 15:50
Revelations wrote:
13 Jan 2020, 00:40
Really? :P

Aiyyii.. "ye wayyane neger, andu bisil and xire!" :lol:

If that is the case and what you are claiming is true then YOU must worry greatly because you are conducting low level endless WHITE TERROR activities which you are nurturing and developing in to the full fledged WHITE TERROR and in that way inviting counter force, i.e. RED TERROR to come and correct your stinky bulging red ar$$$, so that it may not grow blind and staffed or too big and out of normal proportion.

On the other hand all of these divided and diverse political groups currently sharpening their swords only to grab power by any means instead of calmly and peaceful developing stable and viable political agendas and then go to the people to get acceptance and through that come to determine their political space in the country. These opposition parties think that opposition means opposing and sabotaging the government and then replacing the government instead of having better pro people political agendas to prove themselves and gain experiences first and then aspire for governance peacefully some time in the future.

Sam Ebalalehu
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Re: Abiy Ahimed says may repeat red terror "because some want it"

Post by Sam Ebalalehu » 13 Jan 2020, 16:43

My genius Revelations, there is biological difference between the animal and me. You might argue that you behave as one, but my wise man, you do not say you are the same. That job of assigning classification is reserved, pick your choice.

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