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Ethiopia does not need Eritrea - please repatriate all Eritreans from Ethiopia!

Post by EthioRedSea » 13 Jan 2020, 09:40

Eritreans in Ethiopia are sleeping cells for Egypt and Eritrea. We need to repatriate all Eritreans from Ethiopia as we do not need them. We need to prioritize the interests of our Ethiopian population. We cannot solve the problems of Eritrea by allowing Eritreans to come to Ethiopia. The Eritreans are used to spy and destabilise Ethiopian communities by Egypt and Eritrea.

Ethiopia does not need Eritrea. Ethiopia needs to secure it's own part of The Red Sea according to the colonial treaties. We cannot ignore the treaties and landlock Ethiopia. The legal basis for Eritrea to secede from Ethiopia is the Wuchale Treaty.

Egypt and other countries do not take Ethiopia seriously because the governments in Ethiopia have been backstabbing Ethiopia. Meles Zenawi landlocked Ethiopia. Mengistu gave away Djioubiti for a safe passage. We need to stop an end to such betrayal of Ethiopia's leaders by taking the South Merab region.

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