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Re: The hard pill we Ethiopians must sallow when it comes to access to the Sea

Posted: 20 Nov 2023, 22:09
by Tigray People
Ascari Info

Once again you are exhibiting the low IQ of your brain talking about "which Tigray People" bla bla.

Are you saying the Japan city Tokyo only belongs to the Japanese living in Tokyo not the hundreds millions Japan people living outside Tokyo??

Are you saying the eritrea islands outside proper eritrea don't belong the citizens of eritrea.

Are you saying the red sea on Saudi Arabian side only belongs to the people living by the sea not the entire Saudi people.

Your low IQ brain is a waste of time.

When it comes to Tigray people they are 98% the same ethnic Tigray People,the same religion, the same culture that are the original owners of the entire eritrea and the Red Sea.

The afar people are nomadic people who migrated also from north Africa and living in the Tigray People land Denkil.

Hence the entire Afar region, eritrea and half Amhara belongs to the entire original owners the Tigray People.

The colonials border don't apply to the Tigray People who were victims of genocide by the evil fascist Italy and mercineries who killed innocent Tigray People for losing the wars in 1936-1941.

That they must pay war reparations in the future let alone to use thier garbage colonials map.

Btw you should give the Advise of agriculture and development to your Ascari Eritreans who failed to build one factory or one university for the past 30 years despite the Tigray People gave them independence and the entire Red Sea on a silver platters.

The Tigray People developed the entire Ethiopian to be the fastest growing economy in the world and modern country.

Tigray did good to having more than 40 colleges and universities, factories, agriculture, paved roads, modern cities, highway,hospitals,etc etc while at the same time developing the entire ethiopia.

Long Live the Tigray People!!!