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I thank Daniel Kibret, I learned the meaning of Autarky in Amharic today

Posted: 19 Nov 2023, 14:56
by DefendTheTruth
I learned in my basic economic course the concept of Autarky, where somebody (like states) acts or subscribes to the idea of "self-sufficiency" in what it produces and consumes. It produces everything it needs and there is no need for a market, in terms of Autarky-System.

Mostly people pick some words and rush to translating the word in their literal meanings, which sometimes irritates me. Exa. Breaking News = ሰበር ዜና, I feel so ugly when I hear about this word/expression.

I don't know about who did it first, when it was first used and what it means in its figurative (metaphorical) meaning when we say ሰበር ዜና, but it seems to me one of the many others dirties introduced into a language rich in its vocabularies and word usages. Does someone who speaks Amharic naively and perfectly (you can forget people like me here) catch the word and digest it, if that person was never exposed to a world where there was "breaking news"?. Just imagine how someone carelessly dilutes the richness of a rich language.

In this case it is in Amharic, there are a lot of many other similar examples that I come across in the case of Afan Oromo too, which is simply a sort of copy & paste.

In Autarky there is no need to buy something or sell something, you produce all you need and there is no need for a market in end-effect. At least in the modern society this idea is not sustainable, nor practical. You can never master everything on your own, even if you may become a super-power. That is why America is in a constant search for partners all over the world. Even today's America can't afford to entertain the idea of an Autarky-Economy.

I think that is what መዋዘ-ጥበባት(?) ዳኒኤል ክብረት is saying when he writes about "ባሕታዊው ትግል". I am sorry, I really not sure if I used his Title correctly.

Can someone explain to me what the title መዋዘ-ጥበባት is (in addition to ባሕታዊ)?

You can agree or disagree with the view this man entertains but you can never deny the level of his quality of intellectualism. He is among one of the few remaining scholars of our time in Ethiopia, I think.

Thereby enjoy one more round of his article wrt Jawisa in Ethiopia.

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Re: I thank Daniel Kibret, I learned the meaning of Autarky in Amharic today

Posted: 20 Nov 2023, 05:14
by DefendTheTruth
Does that mean no one can refute or deny (anymore) what his honorable መዋዘ-ጥበባት Daniel Kibret said with regard to the vampire in the Amhara region, which is living off the blood it sucks from the very people it claimed to liberate?