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Would Amhara (Fano) ruling Ethiopia be friendlier to Eritrea?

Post by BigBreak » 19 Nov 2023, 11:18

What do you guys think, yes or no? I personally think an Amhara ruled Ethiopia would be even more hostile to Eritrea as they may seek to revive the pre 1974 Empire

Nobody in Arat Kilo whether Oromo, Amhara, Tigrayan or anyone else can be trusted to respect Eritrea's independence and territorial integrity in my opinion

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Re: Would Amhara (Fano) ruling Ethiopia be friendlier to Eritrea?

Post by sesame » 19 Nov 2023, 11:36

The real question is: How will Ethiopians arrange their affairs so that they are friendlier to themselves. By now, it should be obvious to all of them that they are their own worst enemy.

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Re: Would Amhara (Fano) ruling Ethiopia be friendlier to Eritrea?

Post by Cigar » 19 Nov 2023, 11:54

Eritrea except with the funfunat agames, will always work for common peace, prosperity with any Ethiopian leadership or any other neighboring countries.
Again except the agames ( we only will work to destroy them for good), Eritrea doesn’t give a favorable attitude to certain countries or groups of any country. Eritrea doesn’t gain a crap to beg this country or that group and tries to kiss other entities a’sses. If any country or entity is approaching us with good faith, it is for their sake. And as our past history indicates it will be fatal to backstab us.
Learn from your past history and mind your freaking business. Certainly we the Eritreans don’t give a sh’it who leads your country so long they don’t try to fu’ck around with us.
Which Ethiopian leadership didn’t give us headaches in the past, that you are singly talking about Amhara sh’it now?
You all are a’ss wipes who always shoot your own ugly feet.
We saying that we want peace, respect doesn’t mean we are begging you to be our best friends nor does that mean we are weak. Go fu’ck yourselves if you believe so.

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Re: Would Amhara (Fano) ruling Ethiopia be friendlier to Eritrea?

Post by Jaegol » 19 Nov 2023, 12:35

It really doesn’t matter who rules Ethiopia, what matters is that Eritrea is armed to the teeth, stable and respected since any sign of weakness will be not good for all the it and its envious poor neighboring tribes.
Or Eritrea needs to do like what djibooty is doing, give base to the Egyptians, Saudis,Israeli ,Chinese, Russians, Americans, anybody who can pay and guarantee security of the country.

Eritrea has many options and make it clear with sovereignty respect, Ethiopian brothers can use our ports just as an Eritrean would…

Example: If Zmeselo imports a car through the Assab port that he will pay port service and if Horus imports a car, he pays a port service fee, like any other port in the world.

It’s just silly to go to a foreign sponsored conflict for no reason … vicious conflict zone for the interests of the arabs

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