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Re: ትግሬ የሚመኘውና የሚቋምጥበት የቤተ አማራ ባህል

Post by eritrea » 18 Nov 2023, 18:48

Misraq wrote:
18 Nov 2023, 18:32
That sounds true, brother Eritrea. I always confuse those two
Yeah...It is only the rhythm and the melody that are similar, but in terms of language there is a big difference. Bilen is kushtik language but tigre is semtic.

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Re: ትግሬ የሚመኘውና የሚቋምጥበት የቤተ አማራ ባህል

Post by sarcasm » 19 Nov 2023, 20:16

የምሥራቅ ቅጥፈት: you borrow Agew dance then you tell the internationally renowned Agew people that lived for thousands of years, "we own this dance and you don't exist!" Well, my friend, ዘፈኑ፣ ጭፈራው፤ ሙዚቃው የአገው ነው።

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Re: ትግሬ የሚመኘውና የሚቋምጥበት የቤተ አማራ ባህል

Post by Misraq » 19 Nov 2023, 20:41

This is how Agews in Tigray dance
It is called Awris.

And this is how Agews in Gojjam dance

The 200k Agews in [deleted] Wollo dance Amharic eskista. So does the language they use.

Brother Sarcasm, inferiority complex is eating you alive

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