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Decolonization of Oromia or Democratization of Oropia?

Posted: 25 Sep 2023, 00:22
by OPFist
Decolonization of Oromia or Democratization of Oropia?

There was a time, when Oromo elites argued and quarelled on the topic: Ethiopian democratization vs Oromian liberation. Those, who entertained the possibility of Ethiopian democratization, were regarded as traitors to Oromo’s national cause and were demonized by the pro-liberation nationalists. It took a long time to understand that democratic Ethiopia is defacto Oromia with Double size. In the process of democratization, it will be natural for Ethiopia to be transformed to a bigger Oromia, which we can call Oropia (Oromumma led Ethiopia). This transformation shall definately start as soon as the current hybrid rule of Biltsigina lose power and the genuine Oromo republicans in OFC and OLF replace them in Finfinne palace. Democratization of the country and promotion of Afaan Oromo to its legitimate primary federal language, replacing Amarigna, is tantamount to fostering Oropia which is almost two times bigger than Oromia. That is why almost all Oromo nationalists nowadays agree on prefering democratization of Oropia to decolonization of Oromia. Surprisingly, the idea of Ethiopian democratization ist winning that of Oromian liberation.
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