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Tigray generals & leadership got it wrong again: Why Amhara & Issayas fighting against Abiy, why & why???

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 19 Sep 2023, 14:51

Does Faegam/rotten Woyane know that its stand or commitment is to loot, spy and destroy Tigray, this is what you stood for thus far, why you are talking about your stand, is there anything else we have not seen yet???

This is the question all Tigayans must address and have clear answer for it. The main reason Amhara and Issayas are fighting against Abiy or federal is because Amhara and Issayas want to see total distraction of Tigray, nothing else. Since the peace accord signed, Abiy is not the enemy of Tigray but Amhara and Issayas Hamassien. Abiy or Oromo are not in Tigray soil and killing our people, they are Issayas and Amhara people and if Tigray generals cannot protect Tigray citizens then what is the purpose of their military leadership and what is their mission, their sole mission is to protect Tigrayans in Tigray soil and Amhara and Bologna maids are killing Tigrayans in Tigray soil yet Tigray generals watching as it is not Tigray problem or the victims are not Tigrayans at their homes, this is exactly what you are doing right now as we speak. All your decision making has been how the top leadership will have an access to loot and enrich themselves than what is the best decision for the survival of Tigray.

First Woyane party agenda is not to protect Tigray but to loot Tigray as they have been doing for 30 years now. Tigray can refuse to participate any war against any ethnic of the country including Amhara in Amhara soil but when Amhara and Bologna maids are in Tigray soil and killing Tigrayans at their home, who is responsible to protect them, Tigray generals and all Tigray people and Tigray must fully engage with the coordination of federal and fight them and destroy them from Tigray soil and march to north and catch Issayas and his followers.

What is the logic for Tigray generals and civilian leadership say we cannot fight in Bandaland to get rid of Issayas and we do not want to hurt civilians, you are not fighting Issayas but you are fighting for Tigray survivals, the existence of Issayas Tigray civilians have been wiped out by Issayas and the cause is there to fight him regardless what will happen to Issayas civilians, those so called civilians are the one replenishing soldiers to kill Tigrayans and you care the sinach Hamassien and Seraye people unless you are one of them stationed in Tigray at the highest post to destroy Tigray as you have been doing for many years now. If you care you do not want Bologna maids to be harmed while fighting to get rid of Issayas, what about your people who are being killed by Bologna maids, do you have any sympathy the way you care for Bologna maids??? I do not see any rational argument Tigray should not go after Issayas while Issayas is committing to kill all Tigrayans, are you Tigray leader for the people of Tigray or for Bologna maids, where is your stand, is your stand to protect Bologna maids or Tigrayans as Tigray leadership???

When Amharu committed to kill and destroy Tigray allied with foreign entity, what is the rational for any Tigrayan to care for your killers, who cares what will be Oromo next day to control their destiny, you should care only Tigray and anyone who wants to help you to get rid of your enemies why not accept it and resolve your problems, the hurdle for peace accord implementation is not Abiy or Oromo but Tigray generals and Diqalu Issayas and Amhara spies. I advised Tigray to join federal and clean enemy Amhara and Bologna maids from Tigray soil but Tigray should not participate any kind of war against any ethnic outside Tigray soil but Tigray should assemble all its people to fight the enemy from north, because he is the cancer of Tigray and he committed to destroy Tigray, why you care what will happen in the land of Bologna maids when the same people sending their kids to kill, rape and burn Tigray, are you real Tigrayans to lead Tigray or the spies of Issayas serving the enemy, which one are you and if your stand or commitment did not work in the past and became the distraction of Tigray, what moral ground or rational argument do you have to bring, the distraction stand all over again???
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Re: Tigray generals & leadership got it wrong again: Why Amhara & Issayas fighting against Abiy, why & why???

Post by Abere » 19 Sep 2023, 15:50

As usual you are making your habitual lie: Neither Amhara nor Eritrea looted or harassed ordinary Tigre. No Amhara Fano committed crime in Tigray, Fano only chased rag tag TPLF from Humera-Welqait and Raya, because TPLF illegally occupied them and committed crime on indigenous Amhara people. Likewise, I have watched video on several occasions, ordinary Tigres begging Eritrean army not to leave them for TPLF(Woyane) would harass, loot, and kill them. You have to acknowledge Tigres prefer Eritrean army or Eritrea t over Woyane. However, it is OLF-ENDF ( in Abiy’s word Oromo army) that raped, looted and destroyed every infrastructure of Tigre. Abiy Ahmed is in fact the enemy of Tigray people – truth should be told. If Fano controlled Mekelle, Tigray people would be free and breath fresh air of peace now, Tigres could go and work everywhere in Ethiopia freely by now. The only and olny enemey of Tigray is Woyane. Woyane killed Tigray it will them down the road. Tigray is made hell only by Woyane and crazy people like you.

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