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The Agames and the Eritrean snowflakes in particular the Akeleguzians IQ level

Post by Deqi-Arawit » 18 Sep 2023, 04:05

I have written many pieces to highlight Agames stupidity, their inability to see the bigger picture and above all their lack of simply common sense.

If people remember, After the leeches were deposed from Addis abeba and chased all the way to Mekele, my advise to the agames was not to oppose the new reality but to be work from within and given Tigray has an advantage in terms of having [deleted] society, 98% orthodox christian followers, non tribal or cleanish society, with a right policy and legislation, it has the opportunity to attract even eritrean and non Tigrian Ethiopian investors and thereby becoming a Switzerland of Ethiopia if not Africa. They could also be excused by their constituencies that they were not the one who were responsible to accept the final and binding verdict of the border commissions but the person who was accountable and responsible was the PM abiye.

But the leeches totally disregarding their own ability, they started to scream zeraf Zeraf and boasting that waging and winning wars is coded in their DNA, the rest is history. Today, Geography speaking, Tigray is 1/3 of what it used to be, disintegrated society, total destruction of factories which were build during the last 30 years, lawlessness and anarchy. And insult to the injury, their destiny and fate is not in their hand but it depends on outside factors.

And Lets go to the Eritreans snowflakes, Agames immediate blood relatives |their words not mine].

My grandfather was a man of few words, stoic and charismatic and he always hated children who were cry babies, even adult who are never content with selves, He always refers to such individuals as ኣፋስጋ ዘይብሉ፣ ቆዛሚ" [ People who never have "Fasiga" or moaners] and mothers among the nobility don't like children who cry constantly even if they were the one who beat the child , because according to their own superstitions, if a child cry often and constantly one immediate relatives might die and bring mourning to the house. ዝልክሞ ኣለዎ እዩ እዚ ቆልዓ or ዝሸሞዶ ኣለዎ እዚ ቆልዓ.

The Eritrean snowflakes in particular the akeleguzaians are like the child I described above, they cry often and constantly and they take the victimization role as a badge of honor. [ጸላኢና ቆዛሚ ይኹን]

After independence, Eritreans were on the moon, we were euphoric and the event was epic of our life. Words such as democracy or election was not even in our radar screen, we were just happy to achieve our hard earned independence and to see our people who were scattered through out the globe to come to a place called home. Proud and confident people who achieved the unthinkable against all odds were on a mission to write history and become a shining example in the dark continent.

ኣይሰሙን ኣይክልተ ሰሙን, We were not even allowed to celebrate the milestone of achieving independence but the snowflakes started to cry that the country is lead by a bunch of illiterate peasants [ሃገር ብጓሶት ትምራሕ ኣላ] and we need democracy and election slogans started to emerge. If their intention of crying and moaning was genuine that they really want to implement democracy and election, their argument would have been valid but their only reason to crying wolf was because there many army generals from Hamasien in the EPLF and in the new national army. This is "Haye" moment. Even the mayor of Seraye cry in this forum about this issues as leading an army is something big thing.

ቆዛሚት ዓይንስ ድራራ ነይስእን

When our mothers admonish or comfort young children to stop crying out of fear they might bring mourning in the house, their superstition was not of the blue. If you keep crying and crying without any reason, the almighty lord will provide you a real reason to cry and this is exactly what happened in Eritrea. Just like the mothers said, "ዝልክሞ ኣለዎ እዩ እዚ ቆልዓ" . We are ተለኪምና. becoming refugees, the unthinkable journey in the Sahara and Sinai, unimaginable ordeal in the hands of human trafficking is due to the cry babies who don't have " ኣፋስጋ ዘይብሎም like my grand father used to say.

To be continued--------------------------------

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Re: The Agames and the Eritrean snowflakes in particular the Akeleguzians IQ level

Post by Dark Energy » 18 Sep 2023, 10:34

ሀበስ ቀደስ ! :lol: :lol:

Agazian man ! That explains your IQ level. For goodness sake, why would you place all of the people from Akele in one basket ? :twisted:
Who is writing this piece of work in the first place ? That idiot who calls Embaye Melekin must be it ( not him). :lol: :lol:

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