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I am dying: Joke of the year..The ICC's arrest warrant make people around the world joking. Who is ICC?

Post by Abaymado » 18 Mar 2023, 06:36

here it is the comments:

Joel B

Who the hell is going to try and get close to him, and tell him he's under arrest? ☠️

5 hours ago
God rest the soul of the man serving the warrant

Orencio Deguzman
2 hours ago
The correspondent loses it in a split second…😂😂😂

Deliver Podcast
4 hours ago
I feel sorry for the man who has to say you’re under arrest 😂

AOT Shorts
1 hour ago
Even the guy can't hold his laughter 😅😅

Jon Harris
16 hours ago
So how exactly are they going to arrest him?

Jay YouTube
10 hours ago
Wow… the plot thickens. How exactly are they gonna “apprehend” him? And are we gonna see this aired on the “cops” tv show?? 😂

12 hours ago
If the warrant could actually be enforced, it might mean something.

Biki Kalita
5 hours ago
ICC= international cricket council 😂😂😂

Living in the Forest
10 hours ago
How long has this taken? This is something that should’ve been done along time ago.

Isn’t it unbelievable how a handful of men in the world control the lives and fate of billions but yet nothing is done.

tasdid ashraf
1 hour ago
Give ICC the OSCAR for being best comedy club of this century.

Mr Wells
11 hours ago
Who will be the brave souls to serve the warrant.😮

I wonder who is behind all of that…I guess we’ll never know 😂

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