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The fat pig Neamin Zeleke tries in vain to separate the 7th King from the genocidal oromuma party he leads

Post by wazzupdog » 17 Mar 2023, 16:05

The fat pig ,Neamin Zeleke, says there is a deep state within ODP that is undermining the authority of the 7th King. When asked to provide proof, he goes MIA. EZEMA is a party of sycophants like the fat pig. The party's main objective is to hijack Ethiopianism and nullify it in the service of its Oromuma masters. Whenever popular discontent against the 7th king and his Oromuma administration swells into open defiance, first EZEMA activists join the protest and then try to own it and eventually kill it. Time and again that is what EZEMA and its foot soldiers have been doing the last 4 years. Genuine Ethiopianists have to realize that EZEMA is responsible for the genocide and maltreatment of Amharas as much as the Oromuma OPDO/OLFs goons are.

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