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The three most dangerous words you should avoid at all junctures

Post by DefendTheTruth » 17 Mar 2023, 15:34

If you might be found associated, by any strech of imagination, with the three most incriminating or framing expressions of the day, then you may end up being locked up for the rest of your life, needless to say, but also most likely robbed anything you might have.

"sexist", "ho*mo*phob*ic" (in this case even mereja forum censors the use of the word), "racist" expressions, specially the first two.

Many Ethiopians are sexist, the reason why I share this remark here, specially the men, they look down on women, there are countless expressions precisely conceived to denote such behaviours.

የሴት ልጅ፣ ሴታ ሴት፣ ሱሪዬን በጭንቅላቴ አወልቃለሁ፣ ቁጭ ብዬ እሸናለሁ፡ ሴት የወለደቺዉ፣ ሴት ያሳደገቺዉ፣ የሴት ልብ፣ ደካማ ሴታ ሴት፣ (over sexist or misoginyst)

ወንድ ነዉ፣ ደፋር ወንድ፣ ወንድ ለአባቱ፣ የወንድ ደፋር፣ ወንዳ ወንድ፣ ወዘተ። Which are all "sexist" of the patriarchal society of like Ethiopia, which sees the woman as the mere tool of their male counterparts.

These and many other similar are not only morally but also legally intimidating act of social "injustice", you have to take note here, specially if you have adversaries in your surrounding.

Be careful!

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