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The intensifying rivalry between USA/ Israel versus China/ Iran is an opportunity for Ethiopia!

Post by Axumezana » 16 Mar 2023, 18:20

Africa in particular Ethiopia will be the battle ground for China/ Iran versus USA/ Israel competition. The main strategic destabilizer of Ethiopia is Egypt which is currently the main strategic priority # one ally of the USA but the rivalry between USA/Israel and China/ Iran / Russia shall force both the USA and Israel to prioritize thier alliance with Ethiopia and help it to stabilize, build it's economy and militery so that it becomes a counter weight in the Horn Africa, Middle East and Africa. The following are the possible outcomes of the possible security and economy strategic relationship between Ethiopia and USA/ Israel , that PM Abiy could benefit to consolidate his power and propel Ethiopia to greatness!

- The USA & Israel could help Ethiopia to be stable, dominant power in Africa , Horn Africa and to have direct access to the Red Sea,

- USA and Israel could also support Ethiopia to build more cascade dams over the Abay river as it will help them as a controlling mechanism directly over Sudan and Egypt and indirectly over the Arab Leage countries.

- Ultimately the USA and Israel could help Ethiopia to build the strongest army in the region perhaps equipped with nuclear armament over the next two decades

- China, Turkey, India and the Arabs are expected to heavely invest in Ethiopia that could help Ethiopia to be an economic power house over the next three decades

The way forward : Ethiopia has to create security and militery strategic alliance with the USA and Israel , while establishing multilateral business relationships with all economic powers including EU, Turkey, China, Russia , India etc

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