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Fascinating Interview of Freed Pro FANO Reporter

Post by eden » 13 May 2022, 16:33

Noble Amhara
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Re: Fascinating Interview of Freed Pro FANO Reporter

Post by Noble Amhara » 13 May 2022, 17:31

Agames are true-ly strange people

You thought you could defeat Fano during this war but now that you realized the Fano could not be defeated because it is the true essence of Amharanet that means 37 million peoples security is fano. Fano is the human rights of amhara and agew people becuase your people are against amhara people rights to live without satanic liberarion fronts.

Look what your facebook did to waghemra agew! Because you know wagehmra and awi agews are Fanos you pretend to like that but you are their enemy and behind their genocides too

. You have switched your tactics like using Muslims against Fano definitely Failed. But first you used Qemanet against fano which brought Gondar to revive its Arbegna culture your qemant militia was defeated and chased to sudan. Now you are writing articles about the fake qimant genocide falsely accusing fano…. Of the war you and your elites started. And could never finish.

Gondar is greatly admired for its jegenet. It knew weyane more then everyone else and decided to prepare for war early on. Finally it liberated all Begmender to Amhara Region in 2020.

You keep doing more and more mistakes Next you will use eprdf and say haymanot this haymanot that.

Then you will use your account yabelo to rage and post some simien mountian shephard children pictures

You truly live a life of jealously !

Agame are never thankful enate ye jib zer nachu

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