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We are Being Lied To: The Real Reasons Behind Inflation, Shortages and Depressed Wages

Post by teodroseIII » 13 May 2022, 15:14

Let’s dispel some lies that keep being peddled by politicians and the punditry, the skyrocketing inflation and shortages we are witnessing have little to do with Russia invading Ukraine, Covid-19 or supply chain problems. Those are convenient excuses being used to distract us from the root cause of rising costs and scarcity which is directly related to market consolidation.

Where monopolies exist, prices always go up, supplies are intentionally curtailed to induce demand and workers are maltreated. We are witnessing this in real-time as most Americans are living in deficits unable to keep up with exploding expenses. Yesterday afternoon, I fuel my car only to watch in sheer disbelief once the pump stopped and I looked up at the final damage. I had to pay $75.77 to fill my tank!

The same is true when I go shopping, where my parents used to buy a grocery cart chock full of food and supplies for less than $100, I now pay that much for...continued...

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