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Amharas under oromo and banda rule

Post by Tiago » 13 May 2022, 14:40

The amharas are effectively under the rule of oromos.the amhara regional administration is entirely controlled by non-amharas and bandas.unlike other regions / kilils, the amharas have no say in their affairs nor have their own representatives to look after their interests.
The amhara people must rise up and eject the PP assigned backstabbers and fake amharas from their parliament by hook or crook.after all these bandas are no different from TPLF that is killling,raping and robbing the amhara people.
it is also an open secret, the Abiy admin. has no genuine interest in resolving the issues of the Amhara people as they are perceived enemies and potential threat to oromo hegemony. so what is the point of even being part of PP other than OPEDO puppet?

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Re: Amharas under oromo and banda rule

Post by union » 13 May 2022, 15:27

No point of being with PP anymore. We will talk to them with the language they understand just like what we did to Tplf. What other options do we have

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