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ENDF: Mobilzed Division

Post by Roman » 13 May 2022, 13:23

I wanted to explore this topic more deeply and make quite few suggestions to our leaders within ENDF. The Ethiopian ground forces are pretty much infantry and this isn't how you run a modern army.

1. Infantry division - 120K troops
2. Mobilized division - 80k
3. Artillery division - 20k
4. Paratroopers - 10k
5. Republican guard - 40k
6. Medics - 25k

Each mission should consist of combinations of these divisions.

What shall be done:

Manpower: 80,000 - recruited from regional special forces

A. Ural 4320 - Logistic Truck

B. Ratel IFV - Main troop carrier

C. Rooikat - Lightweight alternative to a tank

D. Hizir - Backup troop carrier & armored ambulance

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