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Best defense is Offense

Post by Misraq » 13 May 2022, 10:48


I gave TPLF a credit for initiating the talk of war and the resumption of war that was announced yesterday. But, it appears to be just a bluff. It is just use of heavy weapon from far rather than real combat. Hence, i take the credit away from TPLF because in wars, i know for sure the best defense is offense. Why would TPLF need the bluff? it may be to force U.N and the West to intervene or to keep the people of Tigray in line from resentment to TPLF itself by creating ajanda.

As to PP, it is a weak element because it never attacks. It is always in a defensive position. PP without the Amharas and Afars will be torn into pieces in a matter of days. I doubt if the ENDF has the moral high spirit to fight with determination for so long. They fought hard in the begining of the war in 2021 because they were upset that their commerades in northern command were massacred by TPLF. Would they show similar anger and determination now? i doubt. May be that is why PP kept defensive option.

If this war has to be concluded, the leader of the Amhara special forces (now forced to retire), General Tefera Mamo need to lead it. Also, FANO need to swell in number and arm with modern weapons. That is the only solution for TPLF because FANOs want to enter into Tigray. That is why FANO become the target of hate propoganda by TPLF medias and Oromo medias

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Re: Best defense is Offense

Post by Axumezana » 13 May 2022, 11:44

We do not need war no body in Ethiopia benefits from the war. Only Isaias and the Amhara exterimists want the war of destruction. Isaias wants the war to externalize his internal failure and to avoid TDF punitive marching to Eritrea. The Amhara exterimists want the war to Weaken TPLF and Abiy's government so that it will be easy for them to
ascend to power. Abiy is leading 100m+ country facing various challenges and he will not gain anything from the war and similarly OLA and TPLF will not gain any thing from the war. I believe Abiy understands that and lead a genuine peace process based on forgiveness, reconcilation and peace. Back to the drawing board!

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