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I think, the US is planning to break- up Somalia.

Post by Zmeselo » 12 May 2022, 10:10

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Re: I think, the US is planning to break- up Somalia.

Post by Temt » 12 May 2022, 10:31

Yes bro, what do we expect from a Superpower that has been acting and behaving like a spoiled brat crying for a candy? There is no question, in my mind, that the US will recognize the breakaway Somaliland in contravention of the UN and the good for nothing AU organizations. Watch my word.

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Re: I think, the US is planning to break- up Somalia.

Post by ethiopianunity » 12 May 2022, 13:30

Who does not know the nature of West? If anything, Shabia as being a leader of nation should have experience the nature of West towards Africa. Shabia knows very well the nature of West and U.S they are against unification and strength of a nation such as Ethiopia. So who brought the idea of HOA? Who brought the idea of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia knowing the U.S does not want that? Ethiopia's and Somalia's leaders currently, Abby and Formajo are inexperienced and new but Shabia worked with West and communists for over 50 years still double agent and it knows U.S is against uniting of the three nations. Knowing that, the three nations were not covert and showed their interest working together publicly. Thus is the reason war and controling Ethiopia and Somalia is coming. So their plan is doomed to fail and the reason Eritrea came up with such thing is they know U.S will not agree and will control or open war. Why did Shabia do this? Because it wanted Somalia and Ethiopia targeted knowing that Shabia has secret relation and base from U.S and they will not affect Eritrea as double agent. This pressure will especially weaken Ethiopia so that Eritrea gets upper hand.

As for Weyanes, they are in competition with Olf and Shabia to get upper hand too. But both Tplf and Shabia are supported by West/U.S, one secretly, the other openly.

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