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Ethiopians should unite against Egypt, Sudan and Saudi Arabia/Turkey

Post by EthioRedSea » 29 Jan 2022, 00:20

We need to control our resources and use them to the benefit of our people. The ethnic based wars are stage managed by Egypt and Sudan to control the Nile and take our land. Ethiopians need to create a common platform and unite to defend themselves and theri country. Eritrea should not be allowed to divide and weaken Ethiopians. if Eritrea is serious, it can join Ethiopia as a province or as one of the federal regions.

We need to disband ethnic based groups like TPLF and OLF. We need to promote equality of all Ethnic groups. We need to stop favouring one tribe against another. Now the Amara are getting support from the government in their war against Tigray and Oromo This should be stopped by bringing the Amara tribalists to justice. Tigray and Oromo tribalists should also be brought to justice.

Only a united Ethiopia based on equality of all Ethnic goups is compatible. Stop trying to separate from Ethiopia and form your own mini-country. Change the system that sustains Amara dominaiton of Ethiopia and repalce it with an Ethiopia for all Ethiopians. You cannot Amharanize or Tigranize Ethiopia for Ethiopia is multiethnic. Ethiopia should provide the legal and constutional fertile ground for equality of all citizens. However this does not mean mathemathical equality should be aimed. Citizens from all ethnic groups should be seen as Ethiopians and given equal opportunities. Regions in the various parts of the country should be developed. Up tonow all developement was focussed on Addis Abeba, the capital. We need many international airports to promote trade, tourism and economic growth. Up to now Ethiopia has only one internaitonal airport. We need to create a fair distributuion of resources from national coffer. Under developed tribes should be supportedbut this should not be the main focus.Tigray and Amhara regions culturally quite advanced can easily modernize their economy. We should allow these region to industrialize as they can push the rest of the country forward by providing industrial goods.

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