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Amharas Are Emotional People: Sadly They Lack Political Skills

Post by Roman » 27 Jan 2022, 22:26

Many of these Amharas simply fail to understand that nations are guided by interest not emotions. The way these Amharas are praising Isaias Afwereki 24/7 it just baffles me for their $tupidity if they think Isaias cares about them. Isaias is a man guided by interest and he saw an opportunity to take revenge against the agame bandas and he took it. The Eritreans didn't come to rescue you nor did they come to help you but rather to ensure their interest were met.

In politics there are no friends but interests and what does that mean?

A. Abiy can throw Isaias and Farmaajo under the bus if that's good for Ethiopian interest and vice versa.

B. Abiy will not arm Afaris & Amharas with heavy weapons because he understands what happened in Syria/Yemen/Iraq where several powerful groups rose and destroyed the whole country. - The battle is now clear there are three major groups aka the Government-Allied forces against OLA/TPLF.

C. Abiy can negotiate whenever he feels he has the upper-hand.

Many Amhara extremists don't have the intellectual capacity to understand Abiy's actions because they aren't analyzing the issue from a national perspective. Dr. Abiy Ahmed wins the war as long as he can spare the nation from destruction and keep it intact. - He doesn't need to wipe out TPLFs or agames because the goal is Ethiopia's survival not the destruction of TPLF.

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Re: Amharas Are Emotional People: Sadly They Lack Political Skills

Post by Noble Amhara » 27 Jan 2022, 23:52

And abiy still killed 500,000 agames u fake a$$ pp wannabee agame that fücker brought hell to agame and u praise him just for a few inactions kkkk agame u còckroach :lol: where was your political skills the past 4 years dumb aśs you brought your Tigray to hell and caused a whole war to break out and even till this day ur agames are starving crying about blockade bilisigna wannebee no oromo ever came to save your race dümass ethioredsea cockroachh

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