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This Wisdom that Arrived Upon My Heart: Coping is Prison, Feeling is Freedom

Post by teodroseIII » 27 Jan 2022, 13:02

you never know what freedom feels like until you escape the walls that have kept you in bondage for so long. I write this not from a place of piety as if I have life figured out but as a journey of liberation I am currently walking during what is arguably the greatest tribulation of my life. That statement alone should let you know the gravity of the situation I am facing at this moment given the copious traumas I’ve experienced in my life dating back to when I was seven years old.

But today is not a moment to reflect in sorrow but to revel in the redemption I found in the midst of the storm. The exact nature of the difficulties I am facing I have given to God because there are some battles that must be faced in private for public victory leads to a loss for all parties involved. Yet, despite the tsunami of adversities that have come into my life, I have found an inner peace that has eluded me ever since I moved to America in 1982 and left my childhood joys in Ethiopia....continued...

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