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guess why some Army personal loaded with metal decoration?

Post by sebdoyeley » 27 Jan 2022, 11:14

Dr Abey after the signing of the bitter deal ran like a wild to hunt down those who he suspected may oppose him, or disagreed with him, for the lucky ones loaded Metal on them as military decorations and to some unlucky shipped them overseas to disposed of them.

We believe TPLF come out victorious in this ugly war, by looking at the agreement TPLF got everything they asked for, so if you see it militarily, the Tembein monkey has done a historic achievement.
They are not going to disarm, Fano has to vacate Welkait Humora, Tigrai Sudan road will open soon. unlucky the dead the Americans are ready to donate a big budget to Tigrai. so what do the poor people of Amhara achieve for their lost property? nothing we can count off.

It is true the prime minister is egoistic, fake and a liar, unknown to us The day he accepted and signed the deal, was the day the war ended, but to deceive the Ethiopian people in general diaspora in particular, he out to the battlefield to appear as hero as he can be, while the TPLF army was informed to pack and back to Tigrai and already started to retreat.

The show started the same day up and down to look confident, he used to say by pointing his hand " you see those mountains tomorrow these areas will be free from Junta"

I am sure he bought a lot of respect by this false bravado from some antagonising politicians but sooner or later it will come out.
Sadly though all these lies didn't hold long enough already people start getting suspicious of the way things going on,

maybe it is for the better, who knows. let's leave it to the Ethiopian people, the Ethiopian people is the judge and jury always for their own destiny. Mam Ethiopia maybe bad luck or old cursed when she was young, genetically pre-dispose to like unstable wary conditions. only the almighty God/Allah has the answer.

To us it is crystal clear, you can't give the size of a marshal to someone as incompetent who has no history of winning a small battle as MARSHAL jula, who lost on the battlefield from Mekel to the gate of Addis. what is the measurement here? let's read a little from the Nazi books on who should be a Marshal.....I have no time but for 1000 km bush and countless cities only one got Marshal even him was given b/c he was encircled so they thought he is not going survive so gave him what is the best and huge :lol: :lol: :lol:
Marshal Fredrick fung paulus
Germen Army push the red Army to the gate of Moscow, only on general received Marshal
so where was Brhanu jula pushed TPLF? :lol: :lol: I am sorry I don't mean to laugh. :P

How the Ethiopian people look dr. Abey is unclear at least for me but for sure some Amhara and Afaris may feel cheated and betrayed.

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