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Abiy (oromuma) wants TPLF kept in check not FINISHED

Post by Tiago » 25 Jan 2022, 23:46

One has to ask who is heading ENDF and their interest to the core. I am seriously asking now that Oromuma needs the existence of tplf (or their likes) to keep the tribal politics. I bet with anyone if this is not true.

ሴረኛው አብይን ያመነ ጉም የዘገነ

The galla wild animals in arat kilo are constantly uneasy about Amhara liyuhail and Fano.
hence Abiy wants TPLF survive as a threat to Amhara and any possible pact with amhara and tigraye.

The amharas and Affars should not protect galla Abiys oromuma government by preventing TPLF access to addis ababa.
leave the task to ENDF and see how long abiy and his galla party can survive.

Abiy and his wild galla party has no qualms betraying the amhara and Affar people,so why not amharas and affars turn their backs on abiy the shitcunt.

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