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Re: Video News Of ጥብቅ መረጃ:እስክንድር ነጋ ከፋኖ ጋር ለ11 ቀናት ጫካ የቆየበት ሚስጥር:-እስክንድር ለፋኖዎቹ ደጋግሞ የሰጠው አንድ ምክር!!! WEEY GUUD !!!

Post by Wedi » 25 Jan 2022, 10:26

tarik, you see how good leaders do. Eskinder is a great leader. He visited all Fanos, saluted and thanked all of them for their heroic action they are doing to protect their people.

No other "Amhara" Leaders or Abiy Ahmed dear to visit some of the Fanos let alone to visit all and appreciated them.

God bless Eskinder Nega and his team!!

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