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Where’s the Equality Eritrea… Fish is produced in Semhar and yet gets transported to Asmara and sold there.

Post by Robel11 » 24 Jan 2022, 02:48

Isaias agame prevented my Semhar people from going fishing. Semhar people use to live of just fish before the agame took power and now they can’t catch fish in their own waters. All the fish that’s caught gets transported to Asmara markets and sold there. So if my Semhar people want fish they must go to Asmara to purchase their own fish, from their own province.

Where’s the equality,Eritrea?
Equality is not just words, you must also practice it, show it in action. Since 1991 it’s only words we’ve seen and no action.

If there was equality in Eritrea Semhar would have grew and harvested it’s own fish, by its own people and sold it to its locals first and then the rest of Eritrea.That’s equality.

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