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To TDF generals and the coward civilian Diqalu Tigray leadership, there will not be a peace, do below:

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 24 Jan 2022, 00:41

If I were Humun Debretsion, Mi’efero Fetlework and Teliwodo Alem…….I would do the following and you do it too???

80% of Tigray forces must be deployed in western Tigray and open corridor to Sudan as soon as possible.

20% plus new recruits militia of branch TDF take defensive measures from all directions against enemies.

If the corridor is open and our people get help from outside world then TDF should drug the war until next July when the intense rain pours in all Amhara highlands and march to Addis Ababa and dislodge him. Winning by the barrel of guns is better solution for Tigray long term interests than peace since they are untrustworthy Amhara and the rest of PP. Didn’t all the people ruling the country were EPRDF trained by Woyane, if those people can betray you, everyone is untrustworthy to do any kind of business and leave Tigray with them.

America and most of the world are against Tigray, when Tigray is on the upper hand, they pressure you and leave the places but when the enemy is entering Tigray and killing Tigrayans they give deaf ears.

Eritrea would not enter Tigray unless they got a green light from America and do not trust America and divert your original plans due to America pressure and neverland promises, treat America as one of the China and Turkey no difference because Arabs would not have involved without the blessing of America and America is fighting against Tigray too.

Every youth of Tigray must join TDF and carry gun and Tigray try to bring the three oppositions to work with Woyane party to show the unity of Tigray and must be solved immediately to give moral to TDF and all Tigrayans outside and inside.

The reason Eritrea and Amhara are fighting now is they think that Tigrayans will split in to many pieces but if the unity at home displays then their hope will dissipate. Right now, the real divisive is the Diqalu leadership does not want to work with all Tigrayans. This responsibly lies on the generals to tell the Diqalu to work together to show the unity of Tigrayans to have full confidence on the leadership and the arm forces to have moral boost.

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Re: To TDF generals and the coward civilian Diqalu Tigray leadership, there will not be a peace, do below:

Post by free-tembien » 24 Jan 2022, 02:20

Halafi Mengedi wrote:
24 Jan 2022, 00:41
fake news addicted awri monkey, TDF ሁመራ ገባ ብለህ ስትቀደድ አልነበረም እንዴ? what happened to that fake news? አዬ የትግሬ ነገር መዋሸት በቃ ባህላዊ ጨዋታችሁ ሆኖ ቀረ? ሽማግሌ የለ ወጣት የለ ሁሉም ቀዳዳ ብቻ! :lol: :lol:


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