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Eritrea needs a prime minister

Post by BigBreak » 23 Jan 2022, 07:21

I'm not even gonna talk about democracy vs dictatorship but since President Isaias is largely focused on foreign affairs and in particular Ethiopia, it would make sense for Eritrea to have a prime minister who would focus on domestic policy and coordinate the work of the ministers in the cabinet. Obviously this prime minister will be fully subordinate to the president and the president solely appoints and dismisses the PM on his own discretion

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Re: Eritrea needs a prime minister

Post by Zack » 23 Jan 2022, 13:02

Wedi afom is the prime minister. The president he is also the speaker of the non existing parliament he is also head of the Supreme Court .Islas is also the head of the navy and Air Force supreme commander in chief he is also the head of the Eritrean tawehedo church he is also the imam of the Muslims of Eritrea

Long live the patriotic dictator

Dr Zackovich

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