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Agames who have lost over 400,000, lost 40% land, billions, are Celebrating Because 2 Eritreans May Be Deported kkkkkkkk

Post by sesame » 22 Jan 2022, 15:41

Again and again, Agames prove that they are the cheapest people on this planet. Why else would they sacrifice over 450,000 of their people for nothing. It would have been something if they were fighting to be independent. But they are not because they damned well know they cannot survive on their own. So they tried to go to Addis because that is where the loot is. Can you imagine losing so many lives for the right to loot?

Agames also lost about 40% of the land that was under their control. Today and forever in the future, Agameland is a worthless real-estate surrounded by enemies who will want to teach these back-stabbers lessons that really bite for a long time to come. In short, there is no chance for Agames to get out of the hell-hole they have dug for themselves.

Agames lost huge economically. Whatever they built with looted resources is now gone. They are back in the stone-age from which they tried to get out by looting.

Thus, don't you think it funny that these idiots are celebrating at the news that a couple of Eritreans may be deported. God, these people deserve all that is coming their way!

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