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Where is Shabia in Gondar? Apparently Shabia saved Gondar kkkk

Post by Noble Amhara » 21 Jan 2022, 11:17

Misraq and his second account hawzen just shùt the phùck up you bùtthurt hœmòsexùal

If it wasnt for the thousands of Gondar Fano, Liyus ENDF would have lost Gondar like they lose Dessie. Endf also was relying on afar militia and liyu or else they would have lost afar. so shùt the phúck up erītrewa did not save us or else show us shabia uniform army in our kilil. They did not even arm amharas. Fano armed itself. The reason wollo fell is because they are about fiker they don’t think about military like gondar that is why wollo fell they dont know shxt about war so fck off

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