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Poverty in America is beyond belief. Africans planning fundraising for the poors in US

Post by Abaymado » 21 Jan 2022, 05:20

This comment caught my attention:

Musa Mutetwi
Musa Mutetwi
2 weeks ago
"Coming from an African country, I am shocked! I never thought there was such levels of poverty in the US. We are only shown the better parts so we grow up knowing everyone in the US is rich or living above the poverty line.
The U.S government needs to just stop spending on foreign countries and concentrate on their country. The money they send to our 3rd world countries ends up in the mouths of greedy politicians and govt officials.
Let them fix their country first. We are supposed to be looking up to the U.S as a role model country and when we see such things, we get comfortable.


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