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Will Isaias once again be able to drag Abiy into the quagmire of taking the war to Tigray?

Post by Axumezana » 21 Jan 2022, 05:20

Isaias is fiercely opposed to any peaceful conclusion of the war between TPLF and the Ethiopian government. He knows very well that TDF will march to Asmara and remove him from power once a peace deal is concluded between Abiy and TPLF. Therefore, Isaias is doing his best leveraging on the support he has from Amhara to force Abiy to take the war to Tigray. However, with TDF much stronger than any time before, the war in Tigray will be protracted, bloody and too costly( human, financial and diplomatically) to Abiy and may cost him his PM position. Will Abiy make a 2nd mistake and follow the advise of Isaias to enter into a quagmire war in Tigray?

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