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Tigray People
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Message To All Tigray People From Tigray People Army Commanders:

Post by Tigray People » 18 Jan 2022, 18:32

The Magnificent Benevolent Tigray People You have defeated the entire Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalian,8 regions special forces, that is supported by the evil Arab Emirates, Turks, Russian, China, Iran by destroying the invaders by your-Selves and the God of Tigray People Alone.

The entire Tigray People must keep your unity and keep your eyes on the prize which is defeating the left overs enemies.

The commanders of Tigray People Army are telling you the truth and we must support them while holding the dirty traitors TPLF Leaders accountable for their past ,and current mistakes.

Long Live the Beautiful Tigray People!!!

Awet Nehafash Tigray People!!

The Republic of Tigray People!!

The independence of Tigray People!!

Eternal Glory to Martyrs Of Tigray People!!

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