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ጉድ ፈላ፣ በድንጋይ ላይ ሰልፍ አትዉጡ፣ በጣም የምያስጠላኝ ነዉ

Post by DefendTheTruth » 18 Jan 2022, 17:59

አቶ ሌንጮ ለታ ዛሬስ አቶ ቡልቻ ደመቅሳ መሰሉኝ፣ አቶ ቡልቻም አንድ ቀን ቲቪ ላይ ወጥቶ ኑዛዜ መሰል ንግግር አደርጎ ነበሩ፣ ት ዝ ይላኛል።

One point that I was also having in mind is that the so called parties are not much after changing of something, almost all of them want to use party to come to power, which is a sad part. Obbo Lencho Leta also said it today, I tried to understand the wishes of many political actors and my conclusion is that they are simply about how to grab power.

Simply the big task for many actors should be separating these issues, either you are for power or to change something. You can't have both ways.

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Re: ጉድ ፈላ፣ በድንጋይ ላይ ሰልፍ አትዉጡ፣ በጣም የምያስጠላኝ ነዉ

Post by Abere » 18 Jan 2022, 18:13

ወጥ በወጥ የሆነ ኦነግ - ወደፊት መሄድ አይችል ወደ ሗላ። የፉድድ ቢሄድ ይሻለዋል። ቂቂቂ

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