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Divide Ethiopia into 5 countries to maintain peace - no one wants to live with Amara tribe they are aggressive!

Post by EthioRedSea » 17 Jan 2022, 09:35

Restructuring Ethiopia into 5 countries is better for the future of the people in the cursed country, where the amhara are going to dominate everything and people are forced to speak amharic, a language that is primitive and has nothing to do with Ethiopia as the amhara are non-Ethiopians who migrated from West Africa during the Bantu Migration in 12th Century. I am not against African tribes but it is wise to avoid some aggressive tribes who genocide others for the safety of the population in Tigray, Afar, Oromia etc

Thus dividing Ethiopia into more countries with smaller power is the right thing to do. Ethiopia is not ready for democracy and federalism will not work. the 5 regions that could become indepedent are Tigray with Afarand Agew in the North, Somalia in the South East and Oromia in South central,The southern tribes and amhara( Shoa and south Wello) country.

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