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Noble Amhara
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Shabia Fiyameta justifing the genocide of innocent armless voiceless Amharas across Ethiopia

Post by Noble Amhara » 16 Jan 2022, 23:04

sun wrote:
16 Jan 2022, 22:52
Oromos are some 50 million democratic people who originated, innovated, practiced and donated all the goodies of democracy and plurality to the world which contrary to authoritarianism, exclusion, domination and exploitation. This is the starting point! :P

Neftegna means some one who is armed and sent to invade other people and grabbed lands and other properties from the Oromos and that is clear historical fact. Now days very few Oromos characterize the situation as neftegna and fight against the system in practice. Those who are doing that are neither Nazis nor even remotely near to Hitler's behavior because they are operating within their own defined and clear legal boundaries and regions and wanting to take back their lands and other property rights from the Amara settlers who came there and grabbed lands and other Oromo properties using gun power even worse than Hitler and Mussolini.

Of course now days Ethiopians including myself should be able to move and invest anywhere in Ethiopia but yet consent of the regional and local people needs to be sought. If Oromos are not coming to the Amhara region, armed to the teeth, settle there and grab lands and other Amara properties, that why should Amharas can have the monopoly of such rights, if I may know.

Part of the conflict is also political competition and hunger for power due to arrogant and chauvinist extremist amara day to day provocative behavior which seem to be difficult to correct other than using hard sticks and no carrots. Can you tell me as to why almost all Ethiopians including most foreigners hate and suspicious of Amhara intentions and behaviors which making even the current Ethiopian conflict difficult to resolve and go back to development and prosperity jobs?

Noble Amhara wrote:
16 Jan 2022, 21:55
Oromo say neftegna 1000x more then we say galla in fact we rarely say that word we try our best to respect oromos and reframe from insult or hate speech but they trample on our kindness even though 99% of amharas are not neftegnas it is oromunna that since 2018 been killing innocent people massacing looting murdering etc burning down ziway ataye

As a central Ethiopian Shoa there is supposed to be neutrality. How can i respect my killer? How can injustice? Daily injustice and blood shed of the civilian done by calculation by Shumeles (Prezident Hitler) jawar (Mencha Hitler) abiy (manipulate hitler) shane (extremist hitler) etc !

I do respect the oromos that live in peace and mind their own business same with Somali and tigrays but those who make innocent bleed may go to hell for it

You saying kelbi means u r from italian built ghost town .

sun wrote:
16 Jan 2022, 21:50
Wedi wrote:
16 Jan 2022, 21:08
የጋሎች / የኦሮሙማ ተረኝነት አይኗን አፍጥጣ ቁጭ ብላለች!! ዋሽቶ ማምለጥ የለም !!
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Wedi Fanddiya Kelbi,

No, Oromos are waiting peacefully for the rats (Fascist Extremist Amarummma) like you to creep out of your Mom's skirts and demand the broad day light robbing and stealing of the gallant and democratic Oromo achievements and victories. Now I understand as to why the tplf classified your Judas types as the permanent enemy in the preamble to their party manifesto.

Your constant hate propaganda and hateful behaviors and that of your types legitimizes that statement in the manifesto of your neighbor the tplf and the action taken following that manifesto or road map.

That is also why the whole world not only the wayanes hate you because you are the source and the constant fountain of hate and hate propaganda which is really good to know in good time. Hopefully moderate Amaras may be able to place you under control or else we Ethiopians will do it for them easily, just like a cake walk whether you believe it or not.

Keep barking and braying so that may have the attitude and the action lines.

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