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Trump says he deserves Nobel Peace Prize not Abiy Ahmed

Post by Somaliman » 14 Jan 2022, 15:48

Here's the fascist fucker whining about not having a Nobel Peace Prize, while belittling PM Abiy by referring to him as "the head of that country", rather than the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, as he's obviously jealous of him!

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Re: Trump says he deserves Nobel Peace Prize not Abiy Ahmed

Post by Aba » 14 Jan 2022, 17:09

This savage wanted that prize too. In fact, none of these 3 idiots deserved it. :lol: :x :mrgreen:

The Nobel Peace Prize That Paved the Way for War
By Declan Walsh

Dec. 15, 2021Updated 9:15 a.m. ET

NAIROBI, Kenya — Secret meetings with a dictator. Clandestine troop movements. Months of quiet preparation for a war that was supposed to be swift and bloodless.
New evidence shows that Ethiopia’s prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, had been planning a military campaign in the northern Tigray region for months before war erupted one year ago, setting off a cascade of destruction and ethnic violence that has engulfed Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous country...
. ... H3ofPPwsWw

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