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If I had to give my life for my country it wouldn’t be Tigray. It’s meaningless to die for tigray, the devils house.

Post by Robel11 » 14 Jan 2022, 01:20

There is no way I’m dying for a barren and cursed land that has no ocean views or rich soils. One has to question, what is this barren land giving me in return… and the answer is nothing :lol: :lol: :lol: [email protected] tigray !

Countries to die for:

1.Somalia - Beautiful coastline and green pasture
2. Djibouti - Incredible coastline and is the hub for international trade
3. Eritrea - Same with Djibouti Eritrea has incredible coastline and beautiful land that crops actually grow here unlike tigray.

4. Amhara land - They don’t have coastline but Tekeze river will make up for that. No doubt very fertile land where crops grow with ease. Amhara land is amazing.

Oromo - Same as Amhara, very fertile crops enjoy growing to their full potential

Countries NOT die for:

Tigray - dead land, dead people and it’s known by its evil culture and sometimes it’s called the devils house. A sane person won’t even lift a finger for this land.

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