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Event Alert in Annandale, Virginia: an Ethiopian Town Hall (Sebseba) this Evening on Ways to Effectively Lobby the US Go

Post by teodroseIII » 13 Jan 2022, 14:32

This evening, there is an important town hall (sebseba) being hosted by My Love for Virginia where Ethiopians and all people who have a connection or fondness for the “land of humanity’s origin” are invited to partake in a conversation on ways to have our issues heard by elected officials and policymakers.

We have tried for too long to “go at it alone” and protest publicize our concerns only to be met with silence, it is time to change tactics and come up with a strategy that will empower our community to have our voices heard and form a coalition of concerned citizens of all stripes who care deeply about justice and equity to join our cause.

More importantly, it is time to understand that we have power as citizens and residents of this blessed country. We contribute mightily to DC, Virginia, Maryland and beyond, we pay our taxes and our presence adds a historical thread to the fabric of America. We must shift from seeking attention from politicians and policymakers to being sought as constituents. If we organize effectively and speak as one voice on issues that transcend our differences, we can become as powerful of a bloc as Cubans in Florida...continued...

READ FULL ARTICLE AT: ... s-evening/

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