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Eritrea 3 Niger 1. He said.

Post by Cigar » 13 Jan 2022, 14:25

Had it not been due to the successive brutal Ethiopian past regimes and worse the woyanes jealousy who dragged Eritrea in all aspects of life, Eritrea could have beaten every African nation in any comparison.
Man we all know that it was only Eritrea which was a developed nation in the 60s and 70s. The freaking Arabs except Jidah and Mecca they were all deserts and those Arabs were vacationing and over 300 thousands of funfunat agames were slaving and begging in Eritrea and during those periods all African countries were living in the dark including our neighbor Ethiopia, so much so the ugly cobwebved, midget sellassie was systematically relocating our educated and talented people to Ethiopia to introduce civilization in Ethiopia while destroying Eritrea.
These are facts.
Eritrea's... what it was and what it could be became its curse and it was getting pounded by the west so the reset of the Africans won't emulating it and free themselves.
It is freaking sad that all the African countries are doing their things with out any 'super power' infringing in their affairs, but Eritrea is singled out as the most beautiful lady which every one wants her.
And all the African countries are almost like gradndad's to the young Eritrea including Niger which the guy trys to compare.
Man, leave us the fu*ck alone and stop demonizing us or downgrading us, with no fault of ours.
We refusing to be led by remote control from Langley is not our fault. And that is why we are being thrown tones of bricks on our heads.
We rather live poor than to be led by remote controls. That is called dignity and pride.
And eventually we will come out smelling like fresh cut roses šŸŒ¹from the foreign smear Eritrea's name policies and the wish of kneeling us like the rest of the Agricans.

No Niger or any other African country went through a century long hellish hardship as Eritrea.
So haters, put that in mind when you talk about the courageous Eritrean people.

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