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Re: ^^^(((JUST IN)))^^^ባልደራስ መንግስትን አስጠነቀቀ:ባልደራስ ግንባር ልገባ ነው አለ:-አነጋጋሪው የባልደራስ መግለጫ!!! WEEY GUUD !!!

Post by temari » 13 Jan 2022, 07:44

Fake News!

In the video Balderas never said "ግንባር ልገባ ነው" implying armed rebellion.
This kind of title is just to seek attention and get more views (clickbait).

Balderas said its leaders will got to Afar and Amhara to visit war victims.
It also said that all political forces must commit to peaceful struggle.

I have many disagreements with Eskender Nega but one thing he was consistence throughout his political career was his deep commitment for peaceful struggle. Even when CUD leaders joined Ginbot 7, he never abandoned the peaceful struggle path.

The title is just misleading!

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