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Eritrea and Egypt are behind the war in Ethopia! Deport Eritreans from Ethiopia and arrest all Egyptians in Ethiopia!

Post by EthioRedSea » 13 Jan 2022, 06:13

Ethiopians were tricked by Egypt and Ertrea to go into war. Abiy ahmed is not a mature leader and so is Lemma mergessa and others who oppose TPLF. Now Ethiopia is economically weak and it would take years to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure. TPLF-EPRDF were doing well in general, but were not democratic. TPLF-EPRDf build 100000 schools and more than 50 universities. Ethiopia would need 50 more universities. Now Ethiopia has wasted it's resources by declaring war on Tigray, which was not right.

The aim of Issayas Afeworki and his masters in Cairo is to weaken Ethiopia so that it can cannot build the Nile Dam. It is a pitty Ethiopia had bad leaders who wre not farsighted. Very bad ! Why did Ethiopia's leaders destroy schools, hospitals and factories in Tigray? This is negro stupidity. Abiy Ahmed, Lemma Mergessa, berhanu Nega etc are bush negros. They just want to sit in power.

Ethnic federalism is just a form of government that could be changed through negotiation or through referrendum. Tigray could have t'sown government and run it's own schools, universities. Tigray can have it's own international airport so that people spend less time on travel. The current war is simply destructive to Ethiopia as a country. Peopel like Abiy Ahmed, lemma Mergessa, berhanu Nega should be arrested and re-indoctrinated. They can not lead a country like Ethiopia. The same is to Mengistu Haile mariam

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