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Re: Kind of impending Full blown civil war coming to that Primitive Country

Post by temari » 14 Jan 2022, 07:14

You are providing me my point. Oromia region let thousands of OLF fighters that are outside the government structure in Oromia for too long and now it’s a mess. Oromia region was very slow and unwilling to integrate OLF fighters after they arrived in the region now some oromia areas are just a mess.

I have never said fano attacks civilians or loots properties and I never compared fano with savage shene. But still the Amhara region must learn from Oromia mistakes and integrate those units in to the legal government structure otherwise a military confrontation and anarchy is inevitable.

Stop talking about Oromia region and do what’s legal and smart. If you refuse and want to command thousands of troops outside the regional government structure then don’t get surprised when you are attacked and hunted like shene.

With smart decisions and legal framework you will strengthen the region and win. With arrogance and stupidity you will hurt the region and ultimately lose. Use your brain before it’s too late!
kibramlak wrote:
14 Jan 2022, 06:11
You are a moron cadre as the rest of olf and tplf cardres. How many banks are looted in Oromia and by whom do you think? Without speaking damages of private properties and loses of lives? Have you ever heard fano looting banks or damaging private properties and killing civilians ? If you have a bit of IQ, go straight and answer this. I bet you won't find any wrong doings of fano. On the otherhand, the threat caused by Shene or state sponsored criminals are roaming around oromia, which are supposed to be threats to the government (looting banks is not a simple incident). Why Abiy is not worried about the lootings by olf? Because olf is his organization. Why Abiy is sleepless about fano,? Because Abiy succrified Amhara and its forces to negotiate with tplf. Tplf fears fano much more than any other forces combined. Thus, as part of the traitor Abiy's negotiations with tplf is to disarm fano. Dedeb mnm aygebahm
temari wrote:
14 Jan 2022, 05:05
As usual hiding behind conspiracy theories instead of doing and acting smart. Stop crying and do what is smart. Negotiate to incorporate every significant fano force into the special force and militia before it is too late. Daily crying and whining doesn't cut it. Playing smart is what is needed. To many morons around and morons will be ultimately defeated!

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