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Abiy stop asking foreign countries to forgive you for the crime you committed, Oromo people will rescue you

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 10 Jan 2022, 18:44

Fuga is a real dummy, if he wants to live, he does not have to have assurance from foreign countries forgiveness rather he brings OLA and all Oromo oppositions and call Oromia referendum whether the Oromo people want independent or live with Amhara as one nation and let the people decide. The international communities do not care so long things are done peacefully and if it is the voice of the people UN or any other country does not have any mandate. Abiy shelter is the Oromia people than foreign entities or Shaebia. The Amhara ethnic is using him to expand Amhara territories and using federal money, weapon and soldiers. All Oromo politicians do not have to move from Finfine, you are at home and declare your independent from your own city. Let Amhara decide its future without the Oromo or any other southern ethnics factor. If Oromo unite and call for independent the federal will be evaporated within few seconds after the announcement and there will not be any federal from Finfine Oromia capital city. End it now moron Abiy and greedy Aba Gubo, you have the power and the means now and end the pain of Oromo and the rest of the country ethnics. Every ethnic will recognize you as an independent country except leba Amhara. As soon as Oromia declare for referendum Somali, Sidama, Wolaita, Beneshangule, Gambela will follow immediately since Tigray is going to call for referendum regardless the rest of ethnic plan for their future but Oromo will bury the chigaram and bloody Menelik Gojo fraud empire once for all within a month.

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