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Isaias' True Agenda Was To Hit Two Birds With One Stone

Post by Roman » 10 Jan 2022, 12:43

One thing on the interview conducted by Isaias is that he seemed frustrated that neither side went for decisive win and especially referring it to as cat and mouse game. What's Isaias' agenda here? Why does he care how Ethiopia and TPLFs conduct war? Why does he want both sides to use all of their manpower?

Here's my theory: Isaias is an Egyptian agent that's working to completely destroy Ethiopian armed forces while also destroying TPLF. He's trying to hit two birds with one stone and many of us including I started seeing this after the June withdrawal. Why did Isaias withdraw instead of taking his own advice and going for decisive win? Isaias instead withdraw to protect himself because he knew using full military power in Tigray would leave him vulnerable but yet he's giving the same advice to Abiy.

My advice to Oromo leaders: Never trust the snake Isaias and wipe out Eritrean spies from Ethiopia and stop all flights to Asmara. Tell the Americans that Isaias is the cause for all the problems and sign a peace deal and in ten years prepare for war against Eritrea to retake Assab....... 8) 8) 8)

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