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Amhara Extremists Will Bow or Else ENDF Will Vacate Welkait

Post by Roman » 10 Jan 2022, 12:08

We will find out whether Shabians will protect Amharas from TPLF or will Isaias abandon them and use his troops to protect himself? It seems many Amhara extremists are still barking - Who the do they think they're? Somehow these extremists who couldn't even defend their own lands from TPLFs think they can bark against other regions.

All options are on the table if Amhara extremists don't bow down:

If they refuse then ENDF should vacate Wollo and Welkait and let TPLFs them up. - Without ENDF Amharas stand no chance in fighting toe to toe with TPLF.......... :lol: :lol: :lol:

To my fellow Amharas: Understand Ethiopia doesn't mean Amhara and Amhara doesn't mean Ethiopia. We aren't going to continue a civil war to please Amhara warlords and bloodthirsty Shabians. Ethiopians must focus on rebuilding and learning to never repeat this mistake again.

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Re: Amhara Extremists Will Bow or Else ENDF Will Vacate Welkait

Post by Noble Amhara » 10 Jan 2022, 12:52


Your boast is of course against the unarmed.

Tplf is no superior force it is a force that stole 90% of Semien Ez weapons you can lie all you want but it is fact. Amhara has now learned about your secrets

Amharas in Endf

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